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Alliances and Friends of Sparta

Spartan Kill List


Welcome to the Spartans Guildsite Homepage! We are a level 6 guild with our level 3 Guild Base, Sparta, located at the City of Oblivion Guild trackstone in the level 20+ Sea of Oblivion map.

We are a very active guild looking for just as active members (level 35+ with some exceptions).
Our members are a close-knit group intent on making an agreeable home to all new members looking for good friends and a nurturing environment for inexperienced players. We take recruits of all levels of gaming experience, from hardcore veterans to first-time MMORPGers, as long as you are willing to better us and yourself you'll be very welcome here.

To all those that are accepted into our family, please fill out the character information (Race, Class) in the "Roster" tab for all the characters you bring into the guild, thank you.
Guild News

Todd did it

Lestat23, Oct 8, 11 11:01 PM.
from here on in, all bad things that happen within the game are Todd's fault.
"fucking asteroid blew up my purple deadly stout"? todd called it in.

New Guild Policies

.Jeni, Aug 13, 11 3:01 PM.
These will be the new requirements for continued membership in Spartans:

1) You must join the website within 3 days.
2) You must accomplish 1 construction envelope and 1 trade run a day.
3) You must bring in at least 30 guild contribution points a week.

This will be the very minimun required of each member, any more is encouraged and viewed positively; but at the same time not doing more will not be grounds for any kind of discrimination. Flexibility is also possible. Several members have deals where they do 3 or 4 envelopes a day and donate money as they can in lieu of trade runs. There are also some that rather max trade runs one day and then max construction envelopes the next. The whole point of these new requirements is to more evenly distribute the work load. 30 minutes out of every persons day isn't much to ask; insanity is asking 5 people to basically sacrifice their lives for the base.


Chains of Kluer Patch is here and zeal.

geekpurple, Aug 10, 11 5:13 AM.
3x XP from Quests is still active so this gives everyone a chance to catch up level wise. Also, please don't forget to do at least 1 Guild Base Quest envelope as our zeal is kind of going down. Don't forget about the Guild Quests from Jessica as wellSo there that is all. Now get to work slaves! The Troll Queen has spoken mmkay!?


.Jeni, Aug 9, 11 2:53 AM.
To make a long story short one of our members accidentally killed an Envy trade runner, they demanded we boot him, we refused. So watch your backs, use guerilla tactics and don't stay in one place for too long. Roll them and move, keep moving, keep being productive.

Fruther Developements

.Jeni, Jul 27, 11 2:37 AM.
So after much sitting around and politicking and consultation, we've pretty much come to realize that between Covenant, Vendetta, Epitaph and ourselves we can control and use SoO to our respective advantages. The central point of this relationship will be keeping the trade routes fluent and open. Vendetta will be moving soon to a 4th location that will be much to our advantage. Epitaph is the only real new player in this arrangement, but their support will be needed when we go after the big game.... It is crucial that we get comfortable to working with these 3,our fortunes are all tied together so lets make it work.


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All races and classes level 35+, though we could use more Divine Priests and all Dwarf, and Bard types. Please send all prospective recruit information to Nder to be invited.
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